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Title: Jason Chan
Description: Jason Chan Pak Yu-2007 singer

fungforever - March 17, 2008 08:04 PM (GMT)

Jason Chan Pak Yu is a singer in Hong Kong, who is currently signed with Sony BMG. His singing talent has been recognized by everyone across Hong Kong and in other parts of the world. He has currently released 2 albums, titled First Experience while the other album is titled First Experience: Collectors Edition.


Birthday: July 20th
Birthplace: Hong Kong, moved to Canada when 7 years old
Height: 171cm
Weight: 134 pounds
Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin and English
Hobbies: Playing video games, eating, singing
Record Label: Sony BMG
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Favorite Foods: Chocolate and Chicken Wings
Favorite Artist: David Tao
Favorite Sports: Badminton, Surfing, Skiing, and Pool
Favourite Animal: Dogs

Jason is the best man i just love his voice sound soo nice! hes also cute too has alot of potential and support JASON FOREVER!

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